Here We Go Again!

I must confess I am a yo-yo dieter. I have been on weight watchers and it works! It truly works. My mom has lost over 100 pounds on weight watchers and is thinner now than in any of my 35 previous years. She didn't find true success until her late 60s. My brother lost close to 50 pounds on it and has kept it off. Here are my stats…

Year Top Weight Weight Loss
2002 206 35 pounds
2003 217 38 pounds
2004 200 19 pounds
2005 202 20 pounds

Each time, I lost on weight watcher. Each time I vowed it would be my last time. At no time did I break 170. It is my wall – definitely mental and sometimes I think physical. So here it is April of 2006 and I am looking at most likely 205 again. I was on some medication that made me want to eat constantly and I have switched to a similar medication that doesn't make me want to eat all of the time. Last year's incentive was an amazing trip to Maui with my sister in law and her family. Oh my goodness! I get heart palpitations just thinking of the glory of Maui! I tried and tried, but only lost 20 pounds – during that time we gained custody of my husband's beautiful daughter and meal time became more complicated and points became more difficult to follow. Between Maui and Christmas, we moved and several other stressors occurred that made me seek solace in the fridge. There is talk of a Maui trip next May and the thought of being slightly more buff for that venture motivates me to get started now. Then there is the thought of bringing home a child who I will want to see grow up. This should be my primary motivation and I suppose when I actually apply to an agency and some of the initial hoops have been scaled and jumped through, this will move into the first position. Until then, Maui is it!

I am not sure what will be different this time in my weight loss journey. Each time I fail the start of the journey becomes more difficult. I am hoping that this time, I can conquer. We will see.



About Ellen

I cannot even begin to describe who I am other than broken in body and soul with a dose of the only Hope there is. If you read me, you will know me.
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