The Great Easter Candy Caper

Okay so as a stepmom only, I have done pretty well for the past 6 years – trying to help my husband recreate the mystery of Santa and the Easter Bunny when visitation meant his children would be with us. My parents gave me the most awesome childhood and I look back fondly on these traditions as being magical – my goodness, it wasn’t until I transitioned to jr. high that I finally gave up all hope of a true Santa in a red fur trimmed suit – pathetic but also kind of cool! I hope when our family starts growing these traditions can be passed on in an equally enchanting manner. Who knows! I also know that I am treading on some sensitive ground having heard many people feel that they had been lied to and had essentially had bought their shrinks lexus’ with the baggage created by St. Nick and the Bunny man – my stepkids mom anectdotally having been one of them – that is sad – really sad. I feel if you grow up in a secure environment with parents who you are strongly attached to who you know won’t let you down and who have your best interest at heart – Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy can all be great things. Yet, I digress.

So, the covert nature of these endeavors has become complicated (happily I might add) by the newly acquired custody of my beautiful stepdaughter, R. She, her dad and I love to hang out. So the Easter Bunny went to walmart yesterday – the Easter Bunny was shopping for my husband, my 3 stepkids and my stepgrandbaby (I don’t bother with the term step). When I got home it was time for American Idol and then House. R and I love those shows and while her father watches NCIS and the Unit, she and I lounge on my bed giving commentary on what last night was Queen songs and House’s ever increasingly odd behavior. In the midst of this she said she was hungry – she wanted something sweet – please, ellen do you have ANYTHING???? please??? My gosh – this beauty and sweetie has me wrapped around her little finger so I reveal that the Easter Bunny had indeed landed and I break out the pastel wrapped smarties – so much for the covert magic – I think the zip and zing of the smarties, accompanied by the sugar high made her totally apathetic to the fact that the surprise nature of her easter basket had been revealed. What else ya got??? Well, R, not much if we keep eating it – LOL.

She is my blessing and what’s the biggie if her Bunny leaves her stuff a little early – as long as there is plenty for everyone else!

It made an hour of Queen and House’s naughtiness all the more palatable!



About Ellen

I cannot even begin to describe who I am other than broken in body and soul with a dose of the only Hope there is. If you read me, you will know me.
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8 Responses to The Great Easter Candy Caper

  1. Jayleigh says:

    Sometimes, my friend, you just have to break the rules. You have it figured out just fine. 😉

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