Faith and Hope in Small Things

Back to the topic I started this blog about a couple of weeks ago…We are moving closer to being in a position to begin the journey of adoption. Finances are lining up. R seems to be okay with it, although we are bracing for problems down the road when our “only” child becomes one of two who live here full time.

Two or three years ago, I thought we were going to be on our way to an adoption in China. I let my guard down and purchased some little things – a couple of toddler dresses and outfits from the local thrift store. I say dresses because, I just assumed that given most of the children adopted from China are girls, I too would be referred a daughter. Life took its course…I guess it was God’s was of saying not yet…and I gave away the few things I had gathered and wouldn’t even let myself walk near a baby department. I felt pretty down and like this journey would never come to fruition.

Vietnam reopened its doors and adoptions began again from there in January. I started cautiously gathering packets of information from agencies. Don’t ask me why I started leaning toward Vietnam over China – if this is only our first international adoption, then I feel China will still be in the cards for us later. I have narrowed down the list of agencies to two – this is subject to change but I feel good about it – One is called Faith International Adoption and the other is called IAAP.

Just as I posted earlier this month – I do not envision me requesting a specific gender, however, I am now picturing this child as being a little boy. Dave and I have kicked around and semi-locked into a potential boy’s name – we are still playing with girl’s names.

Yesterday, I had run into the thrift store after R’s piano lesson and was drawn to the baby section – a huge no no. My experience has been that while there are many cute girl’s things in the thrift store…I struggle to find anything cute in the boy’s section. Well, low and behold, I glanced in the boy’s section and saw the cutest little boy green plaid overalls with tigger, pooh and eeyore embroidered on them for the low low price of 1.96. I was in love. It is not the beginning of going hog wild. But these precious overalls were a gift of hope that maybe, just maybe, it is going to work out this time.

I pray it does!



About Ellen

I cannot even begin to describe who I am other than broken in body and soul with a dose of the only Hope there is. If you read me, you will know me.
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8 Responses to Faith and Hope in Small Things

  1. Wardeh says:

    Hi, Ellen. I hope and pray that God will be opening the doors for you this time. I will look forward to hearing more about your adoption journey. Love, Wardeh

  2. journeytomom says:

    Praise God for hope! Hang on to that hope no matter what bumps you may find in the road. I’m praying for you, sister.

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