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A Neat Little Package

I have spent much of my life trying to figure out who I am. This is an interesting concept. I mean I am who I am – the person God made me to be – growing, evolving, refining – but … Continue reading

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My rose colored glasses broke in toddlerhood I believe. My husband lovingly refers to me as a pessimist. I prefer the term realist but more than likely, he is closer to correct. I have almost always assumed the worst would … Continue reading

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That first gray hair…

I am reluctantly 35 years old.  I hit my last birthday kicking and screaming because it seems that for the past 4 generations, every woman in my family has had a daughter at that age. With my fertility issues and … Continue reading

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And I thought it would be boring…

I have gone to church my entire life. In fact, while my faith and relationship with God has ebbed and flowed, there has never really been a period of time in my 35 years where I have stopped going to … Continue reading

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Invested in the Superficial or How I Went Back to Thirteen

To any teenager who may choose to read this post. I am not necessarily implying that there is anything wrong with 13. My beautiful R is thirteen and when I am with her I frequently become a giggling, loud girlfriend … Continue reading

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Lahaina Sunset


Over the Rainbow and Paradise

Last year,  this very week, I was on the trip of a lifetime. For our anniversary, my husband sprung for a ticket to Maui so that I could spend a week at a timeshare with his sister-in-law and her family. … Continue reading

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