National Day of Prayer and a Very Fine Day It Was!

Dave and Me 2

In reading the title, I think my exclamation point is a little over zealous. I have been battling the major blahs, the uglies. I have been totally foul to my family and I have prayed about this quite a bit. I cannot pinpoint what has me down. I have some ideas and although blogs feel totally anonymous, I will pass on sharing all of theories in the offchance that someone might link to me that I know. I also try to be as honest as possible allowing for the fact that my beautiful stepdaughter R often asks to read my blog. I have let her read a few passages. She is 13, a very wise owl and one of the most perceptive, insightful people you will ever meet. I know this from observation – I am not one who feels it appropriate to lean on a child. She has many people nailed down accurately. Today was her piano lesson and then a youth prayer rally. My husband and I ordinarily would have gone with her, but knowing the blues that are over me – he suggested we go out instead.

 Several things are looming on the horizon. I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow. I am exploring other options for the next school year. I have been blessed in many ways this school year, but there have also been a great many frustrating challenges and hopefully she will give me options to find a more satisfying work experience for myself. If not, God has a plan on what I am supposed to learn in another year at my current assignment.

My husband works for the government. He has what is called a temporary billet at the local CG base. The term of the billet was three years to expire this September. Kind of puts a hitch in homestudy write ups etc. because anytime something changes like address or job status, what is called an addendum has to be written.

 Anyway, his superior came to him yesterday saying that his job would become a permanent billet. They will write the job description with him in mind, but he will still have to re-apply. So while, we have a major praise in that the job will still be there, we must never take anything for granted.

I guess in reference to the initial part of my title, our church had many many activities going on today and last night in commemoration of the NDoP. My blues have made my prayers more private and personal and while I have prayed, I didn't join hands with my community. God and I have been talking a lot lately and I guess I am working some stuff out.

I will post a more recent pic of hubby and me – NYE 2004.



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I cannot even begin to describe who I am other than broken in body and soul with a dose of the only Hope there is. If you read me, you will know me.
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