So Relieved and Thankful (another semi superficial moment)

R and I bought her 8th grade dance dress on 3 days notice. Again, she is 4’11. The dress was built for a young lady who is maybe 5’8. I do not sew. I mean AT ALL. I know how to thread a needle and that’s about it!

 The dress she chose had all these layers and drapy things. She didn’t have any interest in the straight cut and we didn’t have any time for alterations. I laid awake the past two nights taking the dress apart in my head and reconstructing the bottom – I am good spatially and mathematically. I devised a plot that involved an ankle length front with a 6 inch train. For those men who read this, bear with me. This plan involved ripping seams, sewing back two sections and hemming another part. There is no way I can adequately describe it – can’t you all just jump into my head and look at the picture?

 Anyway, praying all the way, this afternoon was the day. I prayed, I pinned, I sewed and God and I conquered! She is happy with it – I am happy with it – Praise God!!

I can’t wait until tomorrow night – she won’t let her daddy see her dress. Her daddy hasn’t told her about the wrist corsage. I am the keeper of the secrets and I am as excited as if I were going myself.

I will have to break my self imposed rule tomorrow night of not posting pictures of my family.


(As I jump up and down!)

About Ellen

I cannot even begin to describe who I am other than broken in body and soul with a dose of the only Hope there is. If you read me, you will know me.
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3 Responses to So Relieved and Thankful (another semi superficial moment)

  1. Helen Losse says:

    You must be so pleased (and relieved) that the dress turned out so well and that R. liked it. I can’s wait to see her picture!

  2. hockamama says:

    Ellen, I can’t wait to read about R’s magical night! Was she surprised when her daddy gave her the corsage? I hope her night was so much more than she expected.

  3. Jayleigh says:

    Praise God indeed! It’s fantastic! You are remarkable!

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