Eating Chicken Soup With Rice

Anyone recall that Carole King song? As a child of the 70s, I recall listening to it on the flip side of a 45 “show and tell” book/album – you know – the ones that would have the nice little explanatory intro at the beginning “when you hear the bell *ding* turn the page”. The other side of the story album was a tale of a little boy names Pierre who didn’t care – the whole story was about how he didn’t care. Loved it.

This is a totally random post today – I ate chicken soup with rice today at school trying hard to stay on my weight watchers program. I have had a lot of soup this week in an attempt to ward off the evil flu bug infesting my house. First R got it, then my husband started roasting in his sleep last night. Both down for the count. R is back in school today. I am the one who has not fallen yet. Dave and I are due to go to a marriage retreat this weekend and I know satan would love nothing more than for me to get the flu so we have to cancel. Ah well, I am praying it away and drinking plenty of fluids, using that alcohol based hand soap and soup – egg drop, wonton, chicken with rice ala Carole King.

I’ll take anything a la Carole King and I believe given the choice of the soup or the music I would pick her.



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I cannot even begin to describe who I am other than broken in body and soul with a dose of the only Hope there is. If you read me, you will know me.
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3 Responses to Eating Chicken Soup With Rice

  1. writeathome says:

    Keep praying, chugging that soup and enjoy the marriage retreat! 🙂

  2. hockamama says:

    ditto what carol said! and I have always loved carole king. she put so much feeling into her words. I could really identify with her songs and felt like she knew just how I was feeling.

    thanks, ellen, for the friendship and loving words. I hope y’all have a fun and productive retreat.

    love ya

  3. OMG! I had that same 45 and I played it over and over and over again, too! My favorite was the Eating Chicken Soup with Rice side. I remember the Pierre book being pretty cool (esp. the page where they shook the lion up and down – lol) but I was a little creeped out about the song itself. 1. It was in a minor key, so it was kind of sad from the get go. 2. First his mom, then his parents LEFT HIM THERE!!! I totally had abandonment issues (my dad had died suddenly the year before). 3. Then the lion asks him if he wants to die?! Hello! I think I was 3 when I got the record. Pretty heavy stuff for a 3 year old. Anyway, I was totally about the Chicken Soup side and I guess the Pierre side has a happy ending anyway, so I just downloaded the whole album (Really Rosie) off of itunes tonight so my little boy (9 mos.) could have it, too. Anyway, it’s nice to know there’s someone else out there who loved this record, too! 🙂 Take care!

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